Your local groceries delivered.

Find local helpers to get groceries delivered to your doorstep.

Updates to be provided on Instagram & Facebook @thedoorstepmarket

1. Check helper coverage area

This map shows coverage of volunteers on the network who can pick up food for you. If you are within the zone then we should hopefully match you to a helper.

2. Order food

See sellers near to you, ask can they take phone orders or buy through their website, please order for next day collection or later. Buy direct with the seller. The nearer to home, the more likely we can find you a helper. 

3. Request a helper

Add a request for a local helper to collect your food and leave on your doorstep. Just tell use where to pick it up and on what day. More volunteers added every day to reach more areas. 

Contact Us

Update info on shops / add seller:

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Volunteer to be a helper

24/03/2020 - With the updated advise from the PM yesterday evening, it is understood currently that it is still acceptable for volunteers to be outside to help vulnerable persons . This is a much needed service now more then ever. 

As a volunteer, we will give you an app for your phone. You will recieve notifications when someone requests a helper near them, choose to accept or decline the task.